Business Opportunity Meetings

Learning about Isagenix just got easier. Beginning October 2018 – April 2019, we will be hosting a series of Business Opportunity Meetings. This is an excellent opportunity to listen, learn, ask questions, and discuss Isagenix in a comfortable, professional environment. Business Opportunity Meetings will take place in Seoul, Busan, Daejeon, Daegu, and Gwangju City, so choose a location that is convenient for you.

This is your chance to learn the best way to build a business, how the Isagenix Compensation Plan works, and to find out what makes Isagenix products so special.

Get all of the information you need to confidently build your business at an Isagenix Business Opportunity Meeting near you.

Here’s a complete schedule of the Business Opportunity Meetings.

Attend a Business Meeting in your City below!